The armdrag is a fundamental technique in the world of jiu jitsu that offers practitioners a versatile and effective way to gain control over their opponents.

By manipulating an opponent’s arm and body position, the armdrag enables a practitioner to create advantageous opportunities for sweeps, takedowns, and back takes.

In this article, we will explore four variations of the armdrag technique that can enhance your jiu jitsu game.

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Traditional Armdrag: The traditional armdrag starts with a collar tie or grip on your opponent’s wrist. As your opponent initiates a forward movement, you use your grip to pull their arm across their body, simultaneously stepping to the side and pivoting on your foot. This motion allows you to move behind your opponent and establish a dominant position, such as the back or side control.

Armdrag from Closed Guard: This variation of the armdrag is particularly effective when you find yourself in the closed guard position. Begin by breaking your opponent’s posture and securing a grip on their wrist or sleeve. With a quick explosive movement, push off your feet and extend your hips, simultaneously pulling their arm across their body. As they resist, use your legs to create space and complete the armdrag, transitioning to a dominant position.

Armdrag from Butterfly Guard: The butterfly guard offers excellent opportunities for executing the armdrag. From a seated position, maintain a strong grip on your opponent’s collar or wrist. As they apply pressure or attempt to pass your guard, use your legs to elevate their weight. With a sudden explosive movement, swing your body to the side, pulling their arm across their body. The momentum created allows you to come to the top and establish a dominant position.

Armdrag to Leg Drag: This variation combines the armdrag with the leg drag technique, adding an extra layer of control. Start by executing the traditional armdrag, pulling your opponent’s arm across their body. As they react and try to regain their balance, quickly transition your grip from their arm to their opposite leg. By dragging their leg across your body, you can disrupt their base and gain control over their hips, opening up opportunities for further attacks or transitions.

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Armdrag in jiu jitsu: learn 4 variations of this technique!
Armdrag in jiu jitsu: learn 4 variations of this technique!


Remember, mastering the armdrag requires practice, timing, and precision. Focus on the details, such as grip placement, footwork, and body positioning, to execute the technique effectively. It is crucial to develop a sense of timing and anticipation, as the armdrag often relies on your ability to capitalize on your opponent’s movements.

Incorporating these variations of the armdrag into your jiu jitsu arsenal can significantly enhance your ability to control and dictate the flow of a match. Experiment with these techniques during both training and sparring sessions, gradually refining your execution and adapting them to your personal style.

As with any technique in jiu jitsu, it is essential to train under the guidance of a qualified instructor and practice with a willing and trusted partner. With dedication, perseverance, and a willingness to learn, the armdrag can become a powerful tool in your jiu jitsu journey, enabling you to gain the upper hand and achieve success on the mats.

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Gracie Barra River Oaks: A Premier Martial Arts Academy in Houston!

Gracie Barra River Oaks is a premier martial arts academy located in Houston, Texas. Founded by Professor Ulpiano Malachias, a world-renowned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, the academy offers top-notch training in Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts. Professor Malachias has been involved in athletics and martial arts from a young age, beginning with Judo at the age of 4 and then transitioning to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at 17.

Under the leadership of Professor Malachias, Gracie Barra River Oaks has grown and expanded to a new, larger 10,000 sqft location in 2016. The academy offers a wide range of training programs to suit students of all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

One of Professor Malachias greatest achievements is his success as a black belt competitor in the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) competitions. He has won multiple championships and medals, including the Asian Championship in 2006, American National Championship in 2004, 2005, and 2008, and Pan American Championship Silver Medal in 2010, among others. He is also the 2022 IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship Open Gold Medalist.

Gracie Barra River Oaks: Experience a new beginning on your Jiu-Jitsu journey!

Professor Malachias is committed to continuously improving his teaching skills and his own knowledge and skill in Jiu Jitsu. He is a certified IBJJF referee and has served as a referee in countless IBJJF tournaments, including some widely watched finals.

At Gracie Barra River Oaks, students have access to over 700 Gracie Barra Schools worldwide, professional-quality Jiu-Jitsu gear, and online resources to further their training. The academy promotes a holistic perspective to Jiu-Jitsu, including physical and mental wellness. All GB Schools are supervised by a Gracie Barra certified instructor, who supports students and helps each one achieve their potential through challenging training programs. Each class at Gracie Barra River Oaks is customized to offer maximum benefit for the students in attendance.

In summary, Gracie Barra River Oaks is a world-class martial arts academy with a strong commitment to excellence and dedication to Jiu-Jitsu. With Professor Ulpiano Malachias at the helm, students can expect top-notch training and support in their journey to becoming skilled practitioners of Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts.

Gracie Barra River Oaks: Effective martial arts programs for kids of all ages!

The Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in River Oaks, Houston, Texas!
The Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in River Oaks, Houston, Texas!




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